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The Employment Law Show is Canada’s ONLY program on television and radio dedicated to workplace rights for employees in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Join host and leading Canadian employment lawyer Lior Samfiru as he provides thorough answers to your questions about employment rights, and tackles the most important facets of employment law that are far too often overlooked by both employees and employers.

From grossly inadequate severance pay, to harassment in the workplace, to employees being routinely mislabeled as independent contractors, the program debunks the myths that have caused employees to miss out on their full workplace rights and entitlements. It also played a vital role in understanding employment rights during the COVID-19 pandemic by answering thousands of questions, including those submitted through live call-ins, about severance, temporary layoffs, safe workplaces, government benefits, self-isolation and more.

To contact Lior’s employment law team, call 1-855-821-5900, email Help@EmploymentLawyer.ca, or contact us online.

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Pocket Employment Lawyer

Experiencing a workplace issue? Before you call a lawyer, use the Pocket Employment Lawyer to discover your workplace rights.

Severance Pay Calculator

Find out how much severance pay you are owed upon termination by using our Severance Pay Calculator. It’s accurate, anonymous and free.

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Samfiru Tumarkin LLP also airs Ask a Lawyer: Employment Law on CP24 in Toronto and across the GTA.

Long-term disability claim denied? The Disability Law Show on Global and CTV, and Ask a Lawyer: Disability Law on CP24 is your guide to understanding why insurance companies deny or cut off legitimate disability claims when Canadians can’t work due to illness or injury – and what you can do about when it happens to you.


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Employment Law: What you need to know about your workplace rights

  • Severance Offer Deadlines

    There are no 1, 2 or 5 day deadlines. You have 2 years to seek full severance pay
  • Independent Contractors

    Independent contractors are often owed severance pay, due to common misclassification
  • Termination For Cause

    You are still likely owed severance pay, even if terminated for cause. Find out why
  • 1 or 2 Weeks Per Year

    There is no rule of 1 or 2 weeks' pay. Multiple factors determine the amount of severance pay owed in a termination without cause

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Some of Canada’s largest media outlets have reported on our firm’s efforts to uphold our clients’ employment rights.

Employment Law May 30th, 2023

Lior Samfiru discusses Shopify class action lawsuit with the Canadian Press

By Lior Samfiru

Employment lawyer Lior Samfiru spoke with the Canadian Press' Tara Deschamps on filing a class action lawsuit against Shopify.

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Employment Law June 8th, 2023

Coventry Homes Sued After Sexual Assault: CTV News Edmonton

By Aaron Levitin

Employment lawyer Aaron Levitin spoke with CTV News Edmonton on the ongoing Coventry lawsuits.

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lior samfiru on ctv about future shop
Employment Law March 29th, 2015

CTV News – Future Shop: Great Concern Over Severance

By Lior Samfiru

Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru has concerns over the severance packages being offered to approximately 1,500 employees that Future Shop fired.

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