What is wrongful dismissal?

A wrongful dismissal occurs when an employee is terminated without reasonable notice or severance pay. This can happen in various scenarios, such as when an employer fires you without cause but fails to pay adequate severance pay, or when an employer inappropriately terminates an employee for cause without any compensation.

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WATCH: Employment lawyer Lior Samfiru discusses everything you need to know about wrongful dismissal on an episode of the Employment Law Show.

Common misconceptions about wrongful dismissal

It’s important to note that a wrongful dismissal situation does not arise merely because an employer terminated you for an illegitimate or invalid reason. What matters is whether you were given enough reasonable notice or severance pay, which can total as much as 24 months.

What to do if you’ve been wrongfully dismissed

If you believe you have been wrongfully dismissed, it’s crucial to seek legal advice. Our wrongful dismissal lawyers in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa can help you understand your rights and fight for full compensation.

We aim to negotiate a settlement without litigation, but we are prepared to take strong legal action when necessary. Wrongful dismissal matters often resolve very quickly, sometimes within a few weeks.

Don’t sign that severance offer!

Before signing any exit agreement or severance package, consult with an employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. Resist any pressure from your employer to accept a severance package before it’s been thoroughly reviewed. You have two years following termination to pursue your full severance pay.

Once you sign a severance offer, you forfeit the right to claim additional compensation. This could mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars, depending on various factors. Contact us online or call 1-855-821-5900 for a severance package review.

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Let go from your job?

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I was wrongfully terminated after 4 years on the job. After doing some research, trying their Severance Pay Calculator offered online and watching a few episodes of the Employment Law Show, I reached out to Samfiru Tumarkin LLP and I'm sure glad I did. They settled my case out of court and got me a very fair settlement in what I consider to be a very short amount of time. Great work!
Sean D.
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I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome achieved with the assistance of Samfiru Tamarkin LLP Employment Lawyers. Their team was extremely knowledgeable, approachable and professional. I would highly recommend this firm.
Patti Lennox
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I called Samfiru Tumarkin LLP after listening to their employment law segments on the radio. Gurlal Kler made my mom feel valued and respected. He understood the struggle of a 62 year old being let go without any reason. She was given 6 months’ of severance. Gurlal was able to get her a year and a half of severance pay, plus the employer paid some of the legal fee. Thank you Gurlal.
Jujhar Singh
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This was the first time I’ve dealt with a lawyer, and the experience was excellent. I’m fairly new in my career and needed advice. They dealt with everything in a timely manner and with empathy. They took the time to fully understand the situation and provide meaningful guidance. Definitely recommend this team!
Krista S.
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I highly recommend Lior Samfiru and his experienced team. It was my first time hiring an employment lawyer and I’m very thankful for my daughter's recommendation. They were professional, compassionate, kind and extremely helpful while I navigated how to deal with job redundancy from my workplace of over two decades.
Shewana S.
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