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Severance Pay Calculator

Find out how much severance you are owed with our calculator tool.

Almost all non-union employees in Ontario, BC and Alberta are entitled to significantly more severance pay than the minimum amounts provided by provincial laws.

Use our calculator to quickly determine your severance pay range.

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Termination For Cause

Does the company have cause to let me go?

In some situations your employer may say that you are being let go because of bad conduct or performance. The employer may say that it has “cause” to let you go without having to pay severance.

Use this tool to determine whether your employer does have cause or if you have been wrongfully dismissed.

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Independent Contractor

Am I an Employee or Independent Contractor?

Many individuals are really employees in the eyes of the law, but are misclassified as ‘independent contractors’. If you should be considered an employee you may have entitlements such as vacation pay, overtime pay and severance pay (if you are let go).

Use this tool to determine whether you are an employee of independent contractor.

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Constructive Dismissal

Have significant changes been made to your job?

If your employer made significant changes to the terms of your employment (demotion, cut in hours or pay, work location, etc.), you may be able to leave employment and still get full severance.

Use this interactive tool to determine if you have been constructively dismissed.

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Human Rights Violation

Have your human rights been violated?

An employer is not allowed to discriminate against an employee, if the discrimination is a result of certain specific prohibited grounds.

Use this tool to find out if your Human Rights have been violated

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Workplace Harassment

Are you a victim of Workplace Harassment?

An employer has an obligation to protect an employee from workplace harassment.

Use this tool to find out if you may have legal recourse if you have been the victim of workplace harassment.

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Long Term Disability

Are you unable to work or have difficulty working due to illness or injury?

Many employees have access to long-term disability (LTD) benefits through either their group benefits package or private insurance plan. Insurance companies will often try to deny or cut off legitimate LTD claims in an attempt to save money.

Use this interactive tool to find out what to do if your LTD claim is about to be cut off or has already been denied (or has been affected).

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