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Unbounce lays off 20% of staff amid economic challenges


Layoffs are continuing to sweep across the Canadian tech sector. Vancouver-based Unbounce announced that it is cutting 20 per cent of its workforce as part of a company-wide restructuring.

In a LinkedIn post on August 3, 2022, CEO Felicia Bochicchio said that the decision was necessary in order to support the purpose and strategy of the Canadian landing page platform. “Given some of the headwinds we’ve experienced this year, including the current economic environment, we have had to make adjustments to our business and invest with greater discipline and focus,” she said.

The company did not disclose how many employees from Unbounce and LeadsRx were affected by the cuts. On its website, Unbounce claims that it employs more than 215 people with offices in Vancouver and Berlin.

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Termination agreements for Unbounce employees

In its layoff announcement, Unbounce did not disclose how much severance pay would be provided to affected workers.

However, employees at the tech company are owed full severance pay when they lose their jobs due to downsizing or corporate restructuring. Compensation can be as much as 24 months’ pay, depending on a number of factors.

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Before you accept any severance offer, have an experienced employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP review it and your employment contract. We can tell you if what you have been provided is fair and how to get proper severance if it falls short of what you are actually owed.

If you don’t receive the full amount (which happens often), you have been wrongfully dismissed and are entitled to compensation.

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