What can employers expect from their employees while working remotely?

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News of a mother in California being terminated from her job for an inability to keep her children quiet during work calls has spawned questions for Canadian employees.

Ottawa employment lawyer Alex Lucifero at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joins Leslie Roberts on Ottawa at Work to discuss what employers and employees in Ontario should expect in similar circumstances.

  • What is considered reasonable for employers to ask from their employees given the current climate?
    Employers have to ensure certain accommodations are met and their employees’ rights are considered and so must be proactive in helping to resolve the issue.
  • Could stage 3 of COVID-19 re-openings include forcing employees back to the office?
    Employees will have to return to work provided their employer has followed certain guidelines and specifications.
  • What should an employee do if they have no childcare and are asked to return to work?
    An employer has to take into consideration that daycare centers are only allowing for seventy percent capacity and ensure that accommodations have been given to the employee if there is no childcare.
  • What is the most common concern that has arisen due to COVID-19 for employees?
    Questions of severance pay and health and safety in the workplace continue to be a growing concern as a result of many businesses being shut down.

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