Employment Lawyer on mandatory vaccines for healthcare workers in B.C

Interview Summary

With vaccine distribution on the rise across Canada, the provincial government in B.C is facing additional pressure to mandate vaccines for healthcare workers. While facing encouragement from various medical associations, there is yet to be legislation implemented. What would this look like for employees if vaccines are mandated?

Lluc Cerda, an employment lawyer and Associate at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP spoke with Global News and says the government already has the means to implement a vaccine mandate.

Interview Notes

How could the B.C government put into place vaccine legislation?

“They’ll have to show that the goal being pursued is important. And it’s just more important of course in a healthcare department where you have people in the hospital that can’t get the vaccine, sick children, maternity wards that can’t get the vaccine and you don’t want it spreading around in there,” says Cerda.

Employers can’t make vaccinations mandatory

“There’s definitely a very important policy goal to achieve here that might not be so important, for instance than somebody who works from home.”

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