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Dealing with a Bad Boss | Employment Law Show TV – S2 E11


The Employment Law Show with Canadian employment lawyer Lior Samfiru and co-host John Scholes. Discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about employment law in Ontario and British Columbia on Season 2 Episode 11 of the only employment law show on TV in Canada (formerly known as Employment Hour in 30).

On this episode, we discuss how you should deal with a bad boss, what you should do if you have to sign a new employment contract, and more!

What We Covered

► 1:35 An employee worked in a senior managerial role for over 10 years. His employer decided to initiate a restructuring. The employee wasn’t terminated, and actually maintained his job title and level of compensation, however he was stripped of his duties and no longer had staff reporting to him. Can an employer keep you in the same job but drastically change your duties? Lior Samfiru explains why this constitutes a Constructive Dismissal, meaning resignation with severance pay.

► 4:44 A caller from The Employment Hour: A friend of ours is 60 years old, and worked 32 years at the same company earning $45,000 per year. She was let go, and given 8 months of severance pay. Did she agree to a bad offer? Lior Samfiru explains the definition of a Wrongful Dismissal, and severance pay for older employees.

► 7:21 A caller from The Employment Hour: A relative worked at a company for 11 years. He was fired for cause due to multiple absences. His employer said that the ‘just cause dismissal’ means they didn’t have to pay him severance. Is that right? Lior Samfiru explains severance and for cause dismissals.

► Dealing with a Bad Boss

• 9:52 – What are the most common Bad Bosses that an employee may encounter?
• 11:03 – At what point do you know you have to do something about a Bad Boss?
• 11:36 – You have a Bad Boss. What do you do?
• 11:29 – You’ve tried to deal with a Bad Boss, but things didn’t change. What now?
• 13:22 – Is it a good idea to quit if you can’t put up with your Bad Boss anymore?
• 14:34 – What should a boss do if an employee complains about them?

► 16:22 The Severance Pay Calculator and why over 500,000 people have used it to discover their rights.

► 18:50 The Severance Pay Calculator example scenario: My father owns a tractor trailer that has been operated by the same driver for the past 15 years, doing runs for different companies. My father wants to retire and get out of the business. Would he owe the 55-year-old driver any severance pay?

► 20:20 A caller from The Employment Hour: When my Canadian employer was bought by a European owner, we had to sign new employment contracts. The company is now being bought by an Asian owner. Will I have to sign a new employment contract? If I refuse, will they have to pay me severance? Lior Samfiru explains what happens when a new owner wants you to sign new employment agreements.

► 24:00 A caller from The Employment Hour: Are severance packages allowed to have waivers or deadlines attached to them? I have to sign something by tomorrow. They’re offering me one year of pay after 36 years on the job. Lior Samfiru on why severance deadlines are meaningless.

► 26:56 I have worked for a company for 4 years in a sales position. I was just let go. They consider me to be an Independent Contractor. I worked exclusively for them full time, but did not have an office and paid my own expenses. Am I entitled to severance pay?

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