Disability Law Show

Disability Law Show TV – S2 E6


The Top 5 Myths About Long-term Disability and what you should do if your insurer says you’ve reached your 2-year cutoff. Find out all this and more on Season 2 Episode 6 of the Disability Law Show on Global TV with disability lawyers Sivan Tumarkin. Discover your rights if the insurance company denies your long-term disability claim. The only program in Canada dedicated to long-term disability.


The Disability Law Show on Global TV with disability lawyers Sivan Tumarkin and James K. Fireman. Discover how to fight back against the insurance company and get what you’re owed when your long-term disability claim is denied.

►00:48 – The Week That Was: Can you be forced to return to work by your LTD insurer if you aren’t ready?

► 05:15 – Email from Help@disabilityrights.ca – My husband was told by his adjuster that he’ll be cut off disability by the end of the year because that’s when the two years will expire, and he’ll need to go back to work. He’s 41 and can’t work at all. His doctors confirmed that he is unable to work in the foreseeable future. He has depression and other mental health issues. Is there coverage after 2 years? What can we do?

►10:17 – Top 5 Myths About Long-term Disability
– 10:28 – I don’t need an insurance lawyer to help me with my long-term disability dispute.
– 12:40 – If I am denied or cut off long-term disability, there is nothing I can do. I am powerless.
– 14:03 – I can’t hire an insurance lawyer to help me with my LTD claim because I don’t have money to pay the lawyer.
– 15:20 – The insurer says that I have insufficient medical support for my LTD claim, so I guess I’m out of luck.
– 16:20 – I have to try to go back to work or else the insurer will be right in denying or cutting me off long-term disability.

► 20:39 – http://www.mydisabilityquestions.com – My wife has schizophrenia, her symptoms come and go, but her LTD insurer cut her off saying that she can return to work. Her psychiatrist and family doctor both agreed that she can’t work. The insurance adjuster just says that their consultant disagrees with my wife’s psychiatrist. The adjuster won’t share any information about their consultant or give me anything in writing. What can we do?

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