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What you should do if you are unable to get a medical update because of COVID-19 – Disability Law Show: S2 E22

Your Disability Insurance Rights During COVID-19 on the Disability Law Show on Global TV with disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin. Learn how to fight back against the insurance company and get what you’re owed when your long-term disability claim is denied.


🔹02:15 – The Week That Was: Is it going to be safe to travel from an insurance standpoint in a year or later on down the road? Will I have coverage?

📞 07:55 – Phone Call from the Disability Law Show – “I have been forced off work from a company I have worked for over a year. Although I have had provided the sufficient medical documents they had two general medical consultants deny my claim after we appealed it and it was denied the first time. I went all the way to the OSI and they denied it after a second time saying I had insufficient medical documentation.”

▶️COVID-19 and LTD – 3 Things you SHOULD do if you are unable to go to your doctor to get a medical update for your LTD insurer because of COVID-19:

►13:10 – Call your doctor or clinic and see if they can provide you with an email update of your medical condition

►15:15 – Advise your adjuster in writing that because of the COVID-19 Pandemic you are having difficulties getting medical updates from your doctor and that you are attempting to do so
►17:09 – Confirm to your adjuster in writing that you continue to be disabled from working (assuming that is the case) and confirm that you are continuing to get treatments (if you are)

📞 21:05 – Phone Call from the Disability Law Show – “About a year ago I was denied my long-term disability claim because the insurance company said that I didn’t provide enough medical support that I am disabled. I have severe asthma and lots of anxiety and depression and my psychologist does not think that I can work until I am better. My family doctor agrees. I hired a lawyer almost immediately after I was denied – this was in March of last year. He tried to appeal twice for me but I was denied again and again. Now my lawyer says that I will likely not be able to get disability. Is there anything I can do?”

📧 25:43 – Email from Help@disabilityrights.ca – I’ve been having a tough time getting a hold of my chronic pain doctor because of the COVID-19 situation and my long-term disability adjuster wrote me saying that unless I send him a medical update on my situation by end of April I will be cut off benefits. I can’t afford to lose my disability benefits. I have 2 young kids at home and I am a single father. Help.

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