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What does your doctor need to write in a letter to help you get approved for long term disability – Disability Law Show S2 E23

Your Disability Insurance Rights During COVID-19 on the Disability Law Show on Global TV with disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin. Learn how to fight back against the insurance company and get what you’re owed when your long-term disability claim is denied.


►Week That Was

Can using different law firms impact the progression or outcome of a claim?

Disability Lawyer Sivan Tumarkin discusses a client in British Columbia who has been having issues with his LTD insurer and his employment. He hired 2 separate firms to handle each matter. Can using different law firms impact the progression or outcome of his claim?

►Call: Can I go on LTD if my doctor says I can’t work due to COVID-19?

(4:55) “I am deemed an essential worker, doing deliveries. My employer has implemented no contact, but I have underlying health issues. One of those issues my employer is aware of. Based on my weakened immune system, would the insurance company pay me disability? I am concerned also that during this time the insurance company is going to be more cut-throat and would just decline your payment. Do you foresee something like that?”

► What does your doctor need to write in a letter to help you get approved for long term disability:

(12:40) How long you’ve been claimant’s doctor 

►(14:05) – Diagnosis

►(14:40) – Treatment recommendations

(15:00) – Whether claimant follows treatments

►(15:13) – What functional limitations, if any, does the person have

►(16:04) – Prognosis


►Call: Can my LTD be cut-off if I am rejected by CPP Disability?

( 21:05) “I’ve been on long-term disability for over a year and my insurer told me to apply for CPP Disability, which I did. I got rejected from them and now my adjuster is saying that my benefits will end in June. I don’t understand. My doctors confirmed that I’m still not ready to go back to work. What can I do? I need the money for my family and can’t go back to work.”

►Email: Should I apply for LTD if my psychologist says I am suffering from depression and shouldn’t return to work?

(25:19) I’ve been suffering from arthritis for over 10 years and it’s gotten progressively worse. I’ve worked as a chef in one of the top restaurants in the city for over 30 years and I have private long-term disability insurance that I purchased years ago and have been paying for ever since. Since the pandemic started, I’ve had a lot of anxiety and my doctor says I have depression. He referred me to a psychologist and after one session that psychologist confirmed that I can’t work because of my depression. My arthritis is also pretty bad, and my rheumatologist also said that I can’t work because of my arthritis. I’m thinking that I should apply for long-term disability but I’m afraid I’ll get declined. Should I even bother applying?


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