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Interview Summary

As the pandemic continues and many workplaces have had to adapt and adopt new policies, some employees are experiencing higher levels of stress and burnout. Concerns over health and safety and much longer workdays have led to a rise in workplace resignations. What can employees do to better understand and enforce their rights at the workplace?

Lior Samfiru, a Toronto employment lawyer and partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joins Global News on Work What’s Next to discuss burnout as well as employee rights.

Interview Notes

What rights does an employee have in regards to burnout?

Workplace burnout and mental stress are real issues that many employees are dealing with. Employees should communicate their concerns with their employer in order to find solutions to continue working to the best of their ability. Employees are also able to speak to their doctor and request possible accommodations and modifications in order to cope.

Will it be possible for employees in Ontario to disconnect from the workplace?

While the recent proposal from the Ontario government proposes a right to disconnect for employees, for many it will be difficult to do so. The legislation is not detailed and there are no mentions of how the right to disconnect will be enforced or if employers will face any consequences. There are other alternatives employers can offer in order to improve employee satisfaction.

What should employees be aware of before they resign from their jobs?

It is not in an employee’s best interest to resign as a resignation does not entitle employees to any compensation from their employer or any government benefits. The better option for most employees will be to take a leave of absence.

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