Lior Samfiru on COVID-19 and Workers’ Rights – CTV Ottawa

CTV News Ottawa anchor Matt Skube shares a Skype split screen with Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru, Co-founding Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, for a televised interview about employment law.

Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru answers questions about employment rights for essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic on CTV News at Five in Ottawa.

0:28 – If you’re an essential worker, and there is evidence of a COVID-19 case in your workplace, are you still required to come in to work?

1:04 – Does an employee qualify for the $2,000-per-month Canada Emergency Response Benefit if they take an unpaid leave of absence?

1:41 – Can a senior on CPP and OAS claim Employment Insurance benefits if they have been laid off from part-time work?

2:22 – Are frontline healthcare workers suffering from bronchitis or asthma required to go to work, even though they are more susceptible to COVID-19? Can they apply for EI?

3:06 – I am currently on sick leave benefits. What happens when those benefits run out and I have no job to return to? Would I be owed severance pay?

Learn more about your rights during the coronavirus pandemic through our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Knowledge Centre, where you can find resources about your employment rights during COVID-19.

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