Employee Rights When B.C. Businesses Reopen: 980 CKNW

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Businesses across British Columbia are beginning to open their doors as the province slowly remerges from lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to ensure that both employees and customers are safe from COVID-19, specific safety protocols must be followed.

A Vancouver employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joined host Jill Bennett on 980 CKNW to talk about the return to work when businesses reopen, employee rights when they don’t feel safe, worker rights around working from home, and more.

  • What are my rights if I feel unsafe returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Should an employer share their reopening plans and safety protocol with staff?
  • Can an employee refuse to work with customers who aren’t wearing a face mask?
  • Can I continue to work from home after my employer reopens? Is my employer legally required to let me continue working from home?
  • What should an employee do if customers aren’t following health and safety protocol?
  • Does an employer have the right to ask an employee what they are doing outside of the workplace to minimize the chances of contracting coronavirus?

Learn more about your rights during the coronavirus pandemic through our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Knowledge Centre, where you can find resources about your employment rights during COVID-19.

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