COVID-19 Long-hauler disability claims denied in Alberta

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many Canadians both physically and psychologically. For some individuals who contracted the virus and recovered, they were able to return to a state of normalcy. Other individuals, however, have experienced lingering symptoms and are unable to return to the workplace.

Sivan Tumarkin, a disability lawyer and partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joined Jock Wilson on Global News Radio’s 770 CHQR to discuss the insurance denial claims many are facing due to COVID-19 symptoms.

What They Discussed

Why are insurance companies denying long-term disability claims related to COVID-19?

Many Canadians have long-term disability benefits through their work and their policies state they should be eligible for long-term benefits if they are unable to work. Insurance companies are denying claims as they state this is a new illness and there is not enough known about it.

What are the necessary next steps to help COVID-19 long haulers?

Claimants that have been denied should contact a disability lawyer as insurance companies often make people believe that they have no other options. Appeals are generally not effective.

Laid Off Due to COVID-19?
Long-term Disability Claim Denied?

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