Changes to Employment Law due to COVID-19

With every week bringing a new policy or regulation in the workplace, employees and employers alike are struggling to keep track of what has to be implemented or not.

Toronto Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP discusses the evolving rights of employees amidst the pandemic with Roy Green on Global News Radio.

Points of Discussion:

  • Has employment law during the pandemic adjusted accordingly the last few months?
    Employment laws are currently being adapted and stretched to fit the situation however more changes are necessary.
  • Will an employer have to take into consideration the changing school model in September?
    Employers do have to accommodate parental obligation, but these laws are limited and don’t address the back to school situation in the fall. Legislation has to be put into place for job security as a result of coronavirus.
  • How will CERB payments change in September for parents?
    Employers will not be able to pay employees who are not working. The government will have to find a way to pay employees, which has yet to be determined, whether that be CERB or EI.
  • If the government has yet to mandate wearing a mask in the workplace, but an employer insists, what are the employees’ rights?
    An employer can insist masks be worn in the workplace, so long as they don’t interfere with an employee’s legitimate medical condition.

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