The Employment Law Show

Employment Law Show TV – S2 E5


The Employment Law Show with Canadian employment lawyer Lior Samfiru and co-host John Scholes. Discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about employment law in Ontario and British Columbia on Season 2 Episode 5 of the only employment law show on TV in Canada (formerly known as Employment Hour in 30).

On this episode, we discuss maternity leave, severance offer deadlines, and more!

What We Covered

► 1:19 An Independent Contractor took a medical leave. Her employer decided to let her go, and said they didn’t have to provide severance pay because she wasn’t an employee. Is that right?

► 4:22 I worked at a manufacturing company for 25 years. After suffering a nervous breakdown, I was told to accept a severance package totaling 8 weeks’ pay plus 2 weeks of “let go” pay. Is that amount fair?

► Maternity Leave: True or False (before, during and after pregnancy)

• 7:25 If a woman is pregnant, does she have to tell her new employer about the pregnancy?
• 9:27 Can an employee be disciplined if her performance suffers due to her pregnancy?
• 10:14 Can an employer hire a replacement for an employee who is going on a parental or pregnancy leave?
• 11:22 Can an employer place an employee returning from mat leave in a different position at the company?
• 12:32 Can an employer terminate an employee who is on maternity leave?

► 14:55 The Severance Pay Calculator and why you should use it right now. 500,000 have successfully used it – have you?

► 18:23 Severance Offer Deadlines are meaningless, and are merely pressure tactics. You have 2 years to pursue your full severance entitlements.

► 19:20 I was a Temporary Worker in a warehouse. After a year, I was let go without severance. Are temporary workers entitled to severance pay?

► 23:25 I was given working notice. Am I entitled to severance, or am I working for my severance now.

► 26:09 The company is shrinking the size of my sales territory. They said I under-performed last year, and have to work harder if I want to gain my old territory back. This change is going to hit 40% of my commission! Can they do this?”

► 26:46 Why a change in compensation & sales territory may mean Constructive Dismissal

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