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Disability Law Show Bell Radio – S3 E05

A headshot of Disability Lawyer Tamar Agopian, Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, to the right of the Disability Law Show logo. She hosts the show on radio stations Newstalk 1010 in Toronto and Newstalk 580 CFRA in Ottawa, Ontario.

Episode Summary

Discover your rights and the TRUTH about long term disability claim denials on Season 3 Episode 05 of the Disability Law Show on Newstalk 580 CFRA in Ottawa.

Listen below as Disability Lawyer Tamar Agopian, Senior Associate at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, guides you through the proper steps to take when the insurance company cuts off or denies your long term disability claim. Get the advice you need and the compensation you deserve.

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Episode Notes

  • Mental health challenges have increased as a result of the pandemic, some as a result of job losses and working remotely.
  • I struggle with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and fatigue for years.  I started receiving disability benefits but was cut off and reinstated a few times.  The insurance company sent me for an independent assessment. They think I can do another lighter duty, sedentary job.  Should I appeal?
  • Why is Samfiru Tumarkin LLP so committed to media efforts like this radio show?
  • My wife has been off on disability for nearly 2 yrs and is a breast cancer survivor.  She’s now on medication to maintain her health, but her family doctor says she’s not ready to return to work. The insurer has been pressuring her back for months. Is there something I can do?
  • Can someone’s entitlement to a pension affect their disability benefits in any way?
  • I had just started a new job when my anxiety and gallstones got to be too much.  I got  LTD benefits and eventually tried to go back to work, but didn’t last more than a few hours.  I was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which has kept me off work ever since.  I got disability benefits again for a few months but was cut off because the insurer thought my fibromyalgia was pre-existing. Can I fight this?
  • When you start a legal claim, what happens at the Insurance Company?
  • I injured my back a couple of years ago in an accident outside my house and I applied for LTD Benefits.  A new claims handler took over my file and has been really aggressive and wants to send me for a functional abilities assessment. I’ve been documenting everything. Am I missing anything?

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