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Employment Law


Ottawa, Toronto


Jennifer Vong is a Paralegal and a Certified Human Resources Professional with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management.

Jennifer has five years of experience working in Employment Law and Human Resource Management.  She spent the last three years practicing at a non-for-profit organization where she provided effective Employment Law advice to her employer and successfully mitigated legal risks.

She is passionate and committed to providing a practical and cost-effective solution for wrongfully dismissed individuals while ensuring the client’s needs are carefully respected. Read reviews about Jennifer.

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COVID-19 Rights

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COVID May 4th, 2020

Canadians, COVID-19 and Mental Health: An Ongoing Struggle

By Tamar Agopian

A new study reveals that depression is on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Associate Tamar Agopian explains your options if you're…

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COVID April 1st, 2020

Can I refuse to work due to COVID-19?

By Alex C. Lucifero

Employment Lawyer Alex Lucifero discusses an employee's right to walk off the job or refuse to work due to COVID-19, on CTV…

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COVID July 6th, 2020

Are reasons for termination changing due to COVID-19?

By Lior Samfiru

The termination of a mother in California for failure to keep her children quiet during work calls has ignited questions about workplace…

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