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Netflix lays off 150 employees after losing 200K subscribers

A hand points a remote at an ambiguous streaming service on slightly obscured TV screen. Netflix Canada employees are entitled to full severance when they lose their job.

On Tuesday May 17, Netflix announced it is laying off roughly 150 workers, predominantly across the United States. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that no Canadian employees have been affected by the layoffs. 

The number of employees being fired amounts to approximately two per cent of Netflix’s workforce in North America. 

The digital streaming service reported its first loss of subscribers in over a decade in its most recent quarter, and anticipates for the numbers to continue to drop moving forward. 

Netflix’s CFO, Spencer Neumann, told investors, “we’re trying to be smart about it and prudent in terms of pulling back on some of that spend growth to reflect the realities of the revenue growth of the business.”

Other companies in the technology sector have also conducted layoffs this year in response to financial hardships. 

If you are a Canadian Netflix employee that becomes affected by a layoff, you have employment rights and may be entitled to full severance pay. To learn more, contact an employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. 

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Netflix Canada employees must receive severance pay when they lose their job. Use our Severance Pay Calculator to find out how much you may be owed.

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