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Highway 401 crash: Fiery 7-vehicle collision involving transport truck injures 3

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Incident Details

Toronto, ON – A seven-vehicle crash occurred on Highway 401 in Scarborough late Thursday night, resulting in three individuals being taken to the hospital.

  • Where: The incident took place in the westbound express lanes near Neilson Road around 10:40 p.m.

Victim Information

According to Toronto Paramedic Services, one adult sustained serious injuries and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Two other individuals were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Investigation Updates

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sgt. Sami Nasr reported that the collision was initiated by a tractor-trailer rear-ending another tractor-trailer. This second tractor-trailer then collided with a van, causing a chain reaction that led to the seven-vehicle pile-up. The driver of the first tractor-trailer was trapped for an extended period and was extricated by firefighters before being taken to the hospital.

Scene and Aftermath

Images from the crash site revealed significant fire damage, with charred pavement marking the intense fire that followed the collision. The express lanes of Highway 401 were closed for several hours as emergency services responded and cleared the scene. The lanes reopened around 7 a.m. on Friday morning.

Call for Witnesses

Authorities are urging anyone who witnessed the crash or has information related to the incident to contact the Ontario Provincial Police.

This crash closely follows another fiery collision on the 401 earlier this week involving a tractor-trailer.

Legal Resources

For those affected by the crash, consulting with a legal professional in Toronto can provide guidance on next steps and potential compensation. Relevant legal resources can be found here.

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