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Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru on Tattleware and employee rights

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As the pandemic continues and workplaces and employers continue to adapt to ongoing health and safety regulations, there have also been changes made in order to properly monitor employee efficiency. Some employers have implemented measures in order to track the location and productivity of employees. Is this a violation of employee rights? Can employees be terminated for refusing to accept these new measures?

Lior Samfiru, a Toronto employment lawyer and co-founding partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP speaks with CBC News concerning the ongoing privacy concerns employees are voicing in regards to tracking apps.

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“Employers can compel employees to download an app on their cell phone — but only if they’re told it’s a requirement when they are hired, ” Samfiru explains. If the terms were not agreed upon prior to the pandemic, refusing to download it “would not be considered misconduct.”

Samfiru adds, an employer can let an employee go “for pretty much any reason” as long as any severance that is owed is paid out.

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