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Does B.C. Need Right to Disconnect Legislation: CKNW Interview with Lawyer

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Interview Summary

Many countries have recently passed legislation regarding the right to disconnect from the workplace. In Canada, Ontario recently introduced this regulation in the Working for Workers Act. As a result of the pandemic and the blurring of lines between the workplace and home life, many employees are experiencing burnout and are unsure when the regular workday ends.

A Vancouver employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joined Jas Johal on Global News Radio 980 CKNW to discuss the possibility of this legislation in B.C.

Interview Notes

  • Is the right to disconnect legislation still uncommon for most countries and employment law in general?
  • What level of government involvement is needed to pass any disconnect legislation in Canada and can it be done provincially?
  • Is there a difference between legislation disconnect laws for the public and private sectors?
  • Have there been lawsuits or complaints brought forth by employees regarding their ability to disconnect?
  • Has the right to disconnect legislation influenced a bigger conversation surrounding workplace culture?

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