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Concerns over privacy have grown more prominent over time, and in recent years we have seen the introduction of various privacy-oriented statutes. While the application of such legislation varies from workplace to workplace, sooner or later most employers must contend with privacy-related challenges.

Privacy issues may arise in various contexts, including e-mail and internet usage, video surveillance, medical information, employee background checks, and so on. With regards to unionized workplaces, some arbitrators recognize a free-standing right of privacy, while others find jurisdiction to adjudicate privacy-related grievances in the provisions of a collective agreement.

Where legislated requirements apply, there may be a requirement to establish privacy-related policies and procedures, and this may be good practice for any employer, whether subject to statutory regulation or not. An effective privacy policy is a statement of principles and guidelines concerning the protection, handling, use, storage and disposal of personal information of customers and other individuals. At Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, we have experience in reviewing and drafting privacy policies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and principles. A proper privacy policy can significantly reduce liability for companies as a result of improper disclosure of information.

We provide authoritative advice to both unionized and non-union employers regarding a full range of privacy-related issues and concerns.

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