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Toronto Employment Lawyer Jon Pinkus, associate at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, reveals your workplace rights in Toronto, the surrounding GTA, Hamilton, London and across Ontario.

Jon shatters myths and misconceptions about severance pay, terminations, workplace harassment, overtime pay, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, duty to accommodate, and more.

What We Covered

Invalid termination clauses, fixed-term contracts, wrongful dismissal, why people accept bad severance packages, LTD, special vacation privileges and MORE on The Employment Hour.

Chapter 1:

Invalid Termination Clause in Employment Contract

An employee was let go after 20 years as an Operations Manager. The employer said the employment contract he signed 5 years ago limited his severance pay. Jon explains why the termination clause was invalid, and how that impacted the final severance amount.

Chapter 2:

Fixed-Term Contract & Severance

An employee’s fixed-term contract turned sour when the company’s new COO decided that she didn’t like the employee. The COO terminated the contract without just cause and gave 1 week’s pay. Jon explained what the employee’s rights were in this case.

Chapter 3:

Short-term Disability & Harassment

I’ve been off on a disability leave for workplace harassment. The insurance company has denied my short-term disability. My union has recommended that I consult you for assistance.

Chapter 4:

Severance Pay for Unionized Employees

I’ve been a unionized employee at a construction company for 22 years. If I was let go, would I be entitled to severance pay as a unionized employee?

Chapter 5:

Special Vacation Time Privileges

If an employer extends special vacation privileges to one employee, are they required to extend the same privilege to all other employees?

Chapter 6:

Bad Severance Packages: People don’t realize they’re entitled to more

Chapter 7:

When Employer Doesn’t Comply with Wrongful Dismissal Mediation

If a wrongful dismissal claim goes to a mediation, and both parties sign an agreement, what happens if the employer doesn’t follow through and make the appropriate severance payment?

Chapter 8:

Part-time Hours for Full-time Position

My daughter was hired by a restaurant on a full-time basis, but is only getting 16 hours per week. Is she getting the legal full-time amount? What are her rights?

Chapter 9:

No Severance Pay After 3 Years

My friend was let go in 2016 after 30 years and hired a lawyer. He is still waiting for severance pay 3 years later. Is it normal for a severance matter to run for that long?

Chapter 10:

Switching Employment Lawyers

Is it possible to switch employment lawyers in the middle of a claim for severance pay?

Chapter 11:

Bad Severance Packages: The Ministry of Labour

Chapter 12:

Bad Severance Packages: Worried About Upsetting Employer

Chapter 13:

Bad Severance Packages: Severance Deadline Was Too Short

Chapter 14:

Fired For Cause After Workplace Investigation

A coworker accused me of workplace bullying and harassment. A third-party investigation was carried out, and I was cleared of wrongdoing but there was a “balance of probability”, and I was fired with cause. Am I still owed severance pay?

Chapter 15:

Bad Severance Packages: Termination For Cause

Chapter 16:

Position Filled While on LTD

My position at work was filled while I was on Long-term Disability. Does my employer have to give me another job, or can I quit and get severance pay?

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