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Canadian Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru, founding partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, reveals your workplace rights in Toronto, the surrounding GTA, Hamilton, London and across Ontario.

Lior shatters myths and misconceptions about severance pay, terminations, workplace harassment, overtime pay, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, duty to accommodate, and more.

What We Covered

Temporary layoffs, Bill 66 changes to Overtime Pay, Mat Leave rights, company moving to a new location, change from full-time to casual, a promotion with no extra pay and MORE on The Employment Hour.

2:02 – WEEK THAT WAS #1: A woman worked for 6 months as a casual employee in retail. She then received full-time hours for 3 years before being moved back to casual. Can her employer change the terms of her employment? Can a full-time employee be given part-time hours?

5:05 – An employee was temporarily laid off over a year ago and found a new part-time job. Is a temporary layoff actually a termination? Am I owed severance pay if I am temporarily laid off?

8:01 – PRESERVE YOUR WORKPLACE RIGHTS: Don’t sign employment agreements without knowing exactly what you are signing

9:43 – Is a one page employment contract better than a large employment contract?

10:25 – CALLER: When can a company lay off an employee without paying them severance?

13:24 – CALLER: My niece is going on Maternity Leave later in the year. She has health issues not related to the pregnancy, and her doctor may want her to take medical leave soon. How will this affect her maternity leave? Can I take a medical leave before a maternity leave?

15:23 – CALLER: My father-in-law was fired from a construction job, but because he found a new job, he was told he wasn’t entitled to any severance pay. Is that true? If I find a new job after being let go, can I get severance pay?

18:12 – PRESERVE YOUR WORKPLACE RIGHTS: Don’t “take one for the team” at your expense. Don’t take a pay cut to help your employer. Don’t take a demotion to help the company.

19:42 – CALLER: How does Bill 66 affect overtime pay in Ontario. What is Overtime Averaging? What is an Overtime Averaging Agreement?

22:07 – PRESERVE YOUR WORKPLACE RIGHTS: Don’t accept a temporary layoff or a big change to your job (the terms of your employment)

23:57 – CALLER: Does a new law in Ontario allow employers to eliminate overtime pay? Lior Samfiru explains why this is not true.

25:55 – CALLER: I work in 24-hour, 7-day-a-week industry. How many hours am I allowed off between shifts?

26:42 – CALLER: My company is going to move to a new location. How much notice do they have to give employees about the move? Lior explains how this could constitute a constructive dismissal

29:33 – CALLER: I was just given a promotion to a new job title but did not receive any extra pay. I had no idea that my employer would do this. Would this be considered a constructive dismissal?

32:24 – CALLER: My company is restructuring. I was a manager of a department, but now I must manage two departments and work more hours. I will receive more pay. Can I say no? If I quit, am I entitled to EI and severance pay?

34:52 – CALLER: I was temporarily laid off. They never called me back to work when they said they would. I’ve been working there for 9 years. What are my rights?

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