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Canadian Employment Lawyer Lior Samfiru, founding partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, reveals your workplace rights in Toronto, the surrounding GTA, Hamilton, London and across Ontario. Lior shatters myths and misconceptions about severance pay, terminations, workplace harassment, overtime pay, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, duty to accommodate, and more.

What We Covered

– WEEK THAT WAS #1: A traveling salesman with 8 years of service was moved from one sales region to another one, much further away. The new commute was too long. Discover why this is constructive dismissal.

– WEEK THAT WAS #2: A gentleman was called an independent contractor, despite working 40 hours a week for one company, for 1 year. He was let go without severance. Discover why he was actually an employee, and why short-service employees are owed a great deal of severance pay.

– CALLER: My employer let a coworker go. Now they expect me to take on his workload. Can I refuse the extra work? Is this a constructive dismissal claim?

– CALLER: I don’t think my employer is paying me the proper amount that I put on my time cards. What should I do? Am I stuck being forced to believe what they tell me?

– CALLER: Is my boss allowed to take off half-an-hour of my pay for a lunch break, if I am working?

– CALLER: Can my employer cut off my benefits once I turn 65?

– CALLER: My friend works as a manager. Because he is management, his boss said he isn’t owed overtime pay. Is that true?

– CALLER: When I joined the company, I was forced to register a company name in order to work as an Independent Contractor. I often work 65 hours per week. Am I actually an employee?

– CALLER: I’m a high school teacher on long-term disability for one 1 year. I also work a job on the side. Am I allowed to earn money while on LTD?

– CALLER: I have been working at 2 different hospitals since they merged 4 years ago.

– CALLER: I’m 71 years old. The retail store I work at is closing, and my employer is offering me 11 weeks of severance. Is that enough?

– REASONS EMPLOYEES ACCEPT UNFAIR SEVERANCE: Falling victim to the false severance pay deadline

– REASONS EMPLOYEES ACCEPT UNFAIR SEVERANCE: Employees call the Ministry of Labour for advice on severance pay

– CALLER: I fired an employee after he was injured on the job. What are my rights as an employer?

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