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Disability Law Show Global News Radio – S7 E34

A headshot of Disability Lawyer Sivan Tumarkin, Co-founding Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, to the right of the Disability Law Show logo. He hosts the show on various Global News radio stations.

Discover your rights and the TRUTH about long term disability and personal injury on S7 E34 of the Disability Law Show on Global News Radio. Sivan Tumarkin disability lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joins co-host John Scholes as they guide you through the proper steps to take when your insurance provider cuts off your long-term disability or denies your insurance claim.

On This Episode

  • I’ve been on LTD for 18months – can my employer terminate me for the frustration of contract and pay zero severance or termination pay?
  • Week That Was – On LTD for mental health conditions and asked to attend an assessment in person but the insurer wants client to sign a waiver to waive liability with risks pertaining to COVID-19.
  • Three mistakes your disability lawyer could make while handling your LTD claim
    • Not explaining the legal claim process to you in DETAIL
    • Not getting the NECESSARY medical reports for your case to make sure it is as strong as possible.
    • Settling your case for LESS than its worth.
  • My sister has been battling mental health conditions and seeing a psychiatrist but was denied LTD because they saw her Facebook profile. Is this enough for a denial?
  • What advice would you give people on LTD in regards to their social media profiles?
  • My husband was cut off after 2 years of LTD as the insurer says he’s not eligible for more. He has chronic pain and can’t work. Should we appeal?

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