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Disability Law Show Global News Radio – S7 E32

A headshot of Disability Lawyer Sivan Tumarkin, Co-founding Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, to the right of the Disability Law Show logo. He hosts the show on various Global News radio stations.

Discover your rights and the TRUTH about long term disability and personal injury on S7 E31 of the Disability Law Show on Global News Radio. Sivan Tumarkin disability lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP joins co-host John Scholes as they guide you through the proper steps to take when your insurance provider cuts off your long-term disability or denies your insurance claim.

On This Episode

  • Week That Was – TD Travel Insurance Class-action launched
  • Guest Marty Fireston President and owner of Travel Secure – Insurers are not consistent with the issue of canceled trips as some are offering full refunds; TD is not following an industry-wide approach
  • What happens to these credits and vouchers if in future travel insurance does not cover COVID-19?
  • What advice should people adhere to in regards to travel insurance?
  • Is there an episode of the Disability Law Show that speaks to alcohol and drug addiction and denials of long-term benefits due to non-compliance?
  • My mother was denied an LTD claim despite being on short term disability as she was not “totally disabled”. She has now lost her job, what can she do?
  • I’m a business owner and have a disability policy that’s been engaged due to a severe accident two years ago with long-lasting injuries that will affect my ability to do my job even after 65 years of age. How do I go about pursuing a lump sum settlement since my condition will likely worsen with age and time?
  • Are individuals on long-term disability often let go from their jobs?

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