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Discover your rights and the TRUTH about long term disability and personal injury. Sivan Tumarkin and James K. Fireman, Disability Lawyers and Partners at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, join co-host John Scholes as they guide you through the proper steps to take when your insurance provider cuts off your long-term disability or denies your insurance claim.


Chapter 1:

How In Your Corner can help you

Chapter 2:

Why it’s important to challenge Insurance Company

Disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin explains why it is important to challenge the insurance company when they deny your long-term disability claim. You paid for disability coverage, and it is only fair that you get it when you are legitimately disabled.

Chapter 3:

LTD Denial following Daughter’s Death

A 61-year-old worked for a company for over 30 years. She applied for long-term disability after suffering severe mental health issues. Her claim was denied 2 weeks ago because the insurance company felt that she didn’t see a therapist enough times after her daughter’s death.

Chapter 4:

What Happens After 2-year Mark on LTD Claim

MyDisabilityQuestions.com: I know that insurance companies like to cut you off after the 2-year mark. If you are still unable to do any work after that point, does the insurance company still need to pay you, and does your employer have to keep you as an employee?

Chapter 5:

CALLER: LTD Claim Cut Off After Vasectomy Complications

My husband had a vasectomy 10 years ago. He suffered from internal bleeding and received significant nerve damage. He went on LTD. A year later he was laid off, and his LTD payments were cut off because they said he could work. What are his rights?

Chapter 6:

TEXT: LTD Claim Denial & Unionized Employees

An individual who was on long-term disability (LTD) consulted a disability lawyer in the city about their claim. The lawyer said that because the individual was a unionized employee, they wouldn’t be able to help them. Sivan explains why that just isn’t true.

Chapter 7:

EMAIL: Divorce and Long-Term Disability (LTD) Denial

My coworker recently divorced, is very depressed, and is currently taking medication. He was approved short-term disability but was denied long-term disability because the insurer didn’t think he was disabled enough from working. What are his rights?

Chapter 8:

Return to Work Plan: What to Watch Out For

I’m on a return to work plan agreed upon by myself, my employer and the insurance company. What should I be aware of as I pursue this plan?

Chapter 9:

Medical Malpractice & Childbirth Complications

My wife suffered complications during childbirth. She is unable to walk and cannot return to work. We feel that the hospital didn’t handle the situation properly. Is this medical negligence or medical malpractice? What are her rights regarding long-term disability?

Chapter 10:

Substance Abuse & LTD Claim Denial

I work for a marijuana producer. I filed a long-term disability claim related to a substance abuse issue I have been battling. My doctor says that I am disabled. The insurance company has approved my claim, but I get the feeling they may turn around and deny it soon.

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