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Three Reasons to call a Disability Lawyer before you go to an assessment | Disability Law Show S3 E5

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THREE REASONS TO CALL A DISABILITY LAWYER BEFORE YOU GO TO AN ASSESSMENT on the Disability Law Show with disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin.

Watch above to discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about disability law in Ontario and British Columbia on Season 3 Episode 5 of the only disability law show on TV.

Episode Notes

Waiving an insurance company’s liability

An insurer would like an individual to sign a waiver while waiving the insurance company’s liability while attending an independent assessment. It is inadvisable to sign any waiver due to pressure.

The segment starts at 1:11

Will my LTD run out?

 Right now I’m on long-term disability. My employer only has to hold my job for so many months. I’m not ready to come back yet according to my doctors but there is a time period in which LTD does run out. I’m wondering do they just let you go after that or what can I do about it?

The segment starts at 4:50

Three reasons you should call a Disability Lawyer BEFORE you go to an “independent assessment”

1️⃣ They will explain what to EXPECT at this assessment

It is important to understand what type of an assessor you’re being sent to and what happens at the assessment.
Segment starts at 10:55

2️⃣ They will explain how to PREPARE for this assessment

Preparation is key; it is important to investigate who the assessor is and make sure you have a copy of the assessor’s report. It is also important to note the assessment will not necessarily be objective and take notes if possible.
Segment starts at 14:13

3️⃣ They will explain what to do AFTER the assessment

If a report is unfavorable, it should be closely looked at and given to your own doctor.
Segment starts at 18:10

Denied LTD due to social media profiles

My sister has been battling COVID-19. She has a history of depression, and this infection has only made things worse. Her psychiatrist put her on some new medications after she expressed suicidal thoughts. She was denied long term disability because the insurance company found Facebook photos of her smiling and going for walks. Is that enough for them to deny her claim?

Segment starts at 21:00

Reached the two-year mark of benefits

My 41-year-old husband was recently cut off LTD because the insurance company said that he reached the 2-year mark of his claim. He has severe migraines and chronic knee pains after working as an airport luggage handler for the past 15 years. His doctor offered to speak with the adjuster but the adjuster refused and told my husband to appeal the denial. Will an appeal work?

Segment starts at 26:20

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