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Three Common Mistakes Made When Dealing with LTD Insurers | Disability Law Show S3 E4

Episode Summary

THREE COMMON MISTAKES INDIVIDUALS MAKE WHEN DEALING WITH LTD INSURERS on the Disability Law Show with disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin.

Watch above to discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about disability law in Ontario and British Columbia on Season 3 Episode 4 of the only disability law show on TV.

Episode Notes

Denied LTD and impacted by COVID-19

Many individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19 have been denied LTD by insurers who have told them to seek CERB payments instead.

Segment begins at 1:55

Not totally disabled due to mental health conditions

My wife works at a design agency under a new, abusive manager. She also suffers from postpartum depression, for which she is seeing a therapist, and has been prescribed medication by a psychiatrist. She was on short-term disability for a few months but when she applied for LTD she was told that she wasn’t totally disabled. Her doctors say she can’t work. Can we challenge the denial?

Segment begins at 6:40

Three common mistakes made by individuals when dealing with LTD insurers

1️⃣ Assuming that an adjuster’s first priority is you

This is a frequent concern and many believe the adjuster because they are polite and friendly they are on their side.
Segment begins at 11:47

2️⃣ Assuming that your insurer will take what your doctors say at face value

Insurers often cherry-pick information sent by a doctor and choose to misinterpret information.
Segment begins at 14:48

3️⃣ Assuming that once you’re approved for LTD there’s nothing more to be concerned about going forward

There is a huge amount of claims that result in benefits being cut off before they should be.
Segment begins at 16:20

The insurer says other work is possible

(19:52) My friend sustained a concussion and his right arm was almost severed due to a mountain climbing accident. His doctor says he is still unable to return to his factory job, but the insurance company just cut off his long-term disability payments because they believe he can do other jobs. He’s 47 and comes from a small town. He never finished high school. How can I help him?

I’m running out of time to appeal

(23:34) I’ve had fibromyalgia and depression for years. Recently my condition deteriorated, and my doctor recommends that I go on disability. I was approved for short term disability but was denied long term disability in April. I haven’t had the strength to appeal. Am I out of time to ask my insurance company to reconsider my case? have a 10-year-old girl and I live with my elderly mother because I can’t afford a place of my own. 

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