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Top Misconceptions of Termination | Employment Law Show TV – S1 E1

Episode Summary

TOP MISCONCEPTIONS OF TERMINATION, severance pay deadlines, performance improvement plans and more on Season 1 Episode 1 of the Employment Law Show with employment lawyer Lior Samfiru, Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP.

Watch above to discover your workplace rights and learn everything you need to know about employment law in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, on the only employment law show on both TV and radio in Canada.

Episode Notes

Bonus and Severance Pay

How does a bonus factor into severance pay?

Lior Samfiru explains the relationship between an employee’s bonus and their severance package.

How does a bonus factor into severance pay

Segment starts at 1:13


1️⃣ Work at least 5 years to receive severance pay

Myth: You need to work at least 5 years to receive severance pay
Fact: You do not need to work at least 5 years at a company in order to qualify for severance pay

Segment starts at 4:15

2️⃣ Amount Per Year of Service

Myth: You are only entitled to 1 or 2 weeks of severance pay per year of service
FACT: You are likely entitled to more than 1 or 2 weeks of severance pay per year of service.

Segment starts at 5:19

3️⃣ Fired vs. Laid Off

Myth: If you are fired, rather than “laid off”, you don’t get severance
FACT: If you are fired rather than “laid off” you still get severance

Segment starts at 6:57

4️⃣ Severance for Short Service Workers

Myth: Short service employees get very little severance
FACT: Short-service employees are sometimes owed more severance than long service employees

Segment starts at 7:55

5️⃣ Severance for Contractors

Myth: Being on contract means you don’t get severance
FACT: You may still be owed severance pay, despite being called a contractor or independent contractor.

Segment starts at 9:05

Severance Deadlines

How much time do you have to consider a severance offer? Are severance offer deadlines legal?

Lior Samfiru explains that an individual has up to two years from the moment of their termination to file a claim for full severance pay.

Segment starts at 10:44

Fired after Chemotherapy

I was fired shortly after going through chemotherapy. Am I owed any severance pay after 23 years of service with the company?

Lior Samfiru explains that an employee can’t be let go from their job due to a medical issue. Use the Severance Pay Calculator to find out how much you are owed after 23 years of service with a company.

Segment starts at 13:43

Put on Performance Improvement Plan

Can you be put on a Performance Improvement Plan without being made aware of it?

Segment starts at 19:28


1️⃣ Make sure you have a copy of your Employment Agreement or Employment Contract

Segment starts at 21:49

2️⃣ Make arrangements to retrieve your belongings and return any company property

Segment starts at 23:05

3️⃣ Accept any career counselling offered by your employer

Segment starts at 23:30

4️⃣ Get legal advice BEFORE accepting a Severance offer

Segment starts at 24:01

Fired for Taking Time Off for Family

Can my employer fire me for taking time off to deal with family issues?

Segment starts at 25:22

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