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3 things you need to know if your long-term disability insurer is pressuring you to go back to work – Disability Law Show S2 E24

Your Disability Insurance Rights During COVID-19 on the Disability Law Show on Global TV with disability lawyer Sivan Tumarkin. Learn how to fight back against the insurance company and get what you’re owed when your long-term disability claim is denied.


►Week That Was

What happens when your denial reaches the 2-year mark? When does the clock start for appealing LTD denials?

(00:55) Disability Lawyer Sivan Tumarkin discusses what reaching 2 years on LTD means and the timeline for appeals.

►Call: What should I do if my LTD insurer has given me a cutoff date with no reason why?

(6:47) My problem now is that I am on disability, I am also getting CPP. The company I have been working for is now shut down. I am on for another 6 or 7 months on my long-term disability and they told me I will come to an end at the end of this year. They didn’t give me any information they just told me this was how long my disability is going to be.

3 things you need to know if your long-term disability insurer is pressuring you to go back to work:

(13:02) You don’t have to go back if you or your doctor don’t think that you are ready

►(14:42) – Your insurer can’t force you to go back. They can try to pressure you but they can’t force you.

►(16:49) – You need to lay the groundwork for Plan B (what to do if you try to go back and fail)


►Call: Can my LTD insurer deny my claim if I was let go from my position during my application process?

( 22:35) “My wife had to apply for long-term disability because of mental illness but she did that 2 weeks before she was let go from her job. The insurance company said that she is not disabled despite both her family doctor and psychiatrist saying that she is. They say that she applied because she was about to get let go but that’s not true. I don’t know how to help her. What can we do?”

►Email: What can I do if my insurance adjuster thinks I should return to work?

(26:55) I’m immunocompromised because of a lung condition and I’ve been on LTD for over 5 years. Recently a new adjuster took over my file and started asking a lot of the same questions I’ve answered hundreds of times before, but this lady is very condescending and disrespectful. She emailed me last Thursday saying that she doesn’t think that I should be off work completely and that I can do something remotely like answer calls for companies who are working remotely now because of the pandemic. I’m a graphic designer by trade so I don’t know what she means. I used to earn close to $120,000 a year before my condition became disabling and now with COVID-19 I’m even more stressed than ever. I don’t know what to do.


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