‘Potential economic ruin for unvaccinated’: Employment lawyer on E.I

Employees across the country are facing termination as a result of a refusal to be vaccinated. A recent announcement by Canada’s Employment Minister has added more confusion and worry for unvaccinated employees as there is now the possibility they will not be eligible for Employment Insurance benefits. What can unvaccinated employees do to protect their rights and prepare?

Dan Balkaran, a Vancouver employment lawyer and Associate at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP spoke with Black Press Media’s Cole Schisler on the ongoing employee crisis.

“I talk to these people every day. These are working families, these are people who have children they need to feed. They have to pay rent and mortgages. If they don’t get a COVID vaccine we’re talking about instantaneous economic ruin,” says Balkaran.

Balkaran goes on to explain that there is a difference between policies made by private employers and government-mandated vaccination policies.

“When it comes to private employers, there may be room for accommodations like allowing people to work from home. But if accommodations can’t be reached, people need to take a sober analysis of what matters to them and consider getting vaccinated,” Balkaran states.

Balkaran reiterates that it is important for employees who are unsure of their rights to seek legal advice. “Talk to a lawyer before you lose your job. Give your lawyer the best chance to give you proper advice to help you make the best decision.”

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