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More Canadians going on summer vacation in 2024, despite inflation: Survey

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Despite the ongoing impact of inflation on household budgets, Canadians are showing greater enthusiasm for summer vacations this year compared to last year, according to a recent poll conducted by HelloSafe, an insurance and financial comparison site.

Key findings from the HelloSafe survey

  • Increased Travel Plans: 40.4% of respondents plan to leave home for summer vacation in 2024, a significant increase from 25% in 2023.
  • Economic Resilience: This uptick in travel plans is a positive sign for the Canadian economy, indicating resilient consumer confidence and a desire to return to pre-pandemic leisure activities.
  • Vacation Intent: 35.1% of respondents have no plans to go on holiday, while 25.4% remain undecided.

Reasons for not traveling

Among those who won’t be going on vacation this summer:

  • Inflation Concerns: 37.7% blame inflation for their decision not to travel.
  • Timing Preferences: 32.4% prefer to go on vacation at another time of year to take advantage of lower prices and fewer tourists.
  • Staying Home: 27.2% want to enjoy their free time at home.
  • Health Reasons: 2.7% cited health concerns as a reason for not vacationing.

Vacation destinations

Inflation also influences where Canadians plan to spend their vacations. Higher travel costs are pushing many to choose closer destinations:

  • Within Canada: 30.8% plan to vacation within their home province, and 27.9% plan to visit another Canadian province.
  • International Travel: 15.6% favor the United States, 12.4% plan to travel to Europe, and 9.1% intend to visit South America.

These trends highlight a growing tendency for Canadians to stay within national borders, with a total of 58.7% choosing destinations within Canada.

Know your employment rights

As Canadians plan their summer vacations, it’s essential to be aware of the employment laws regarding vacation time and pay. For comprehensive information on vacation rights, including what happens if you are punished for booking, taking, or when returning from a vacation, refer to our detailed guides:

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