Employment lawyer on B.C accountant termination due to vaccine policy

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Andrea Horvath, an accountant in B.C employed by Ducks Unlimited Canada was recently terminated by her employer due to a failure to comply with a vaccine mandate. Horvath, who works from home and has always done so, has since filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

A Vancouver employment lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP spoke with the Vancouver Sun to discuss the suit and their client’s rights.

“My client refused to comply with the mandate because she didn’t think it was necessary owing to the fact she worked from home,” says the employment lawyer.

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The lawyer adds that many other similar lawsuits have been filed across Canada but did not know of any court rulings on the issue to date. Horvath’s former employer later gave a comment to the Vancouver Sun on the ongoing suit and alleges that Horvath’s failure to comply with the company policy was conduct incompatible with continued employment.

“So, the company’s position that it had to fire Ms. Horvath for cause to comply with occupational health and safety is false. Further, this is the equivalent of an employer implementing a “no perfume in the workplace policy, … and firing for cause, an employee that wears perfume in their own home,” the lawyer states.

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