When Should You Consult an Insurance Lawyer? Top 5 Red Flags

by Samfiru Tumarkin

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 at 6:46 pm

Almost everyone knows someone that has had an insurance claim denied. It could be you, or your family member, a friend or a work colleague. A claim denial can be scary and intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. When a claim is denied, an insurance lawyer should be consulted immediately. In fact, an insurance lawyer should be consulted before a claim is denied, thereby avoiding a possible denial.

Always consult an insurance lawyer if:


  • You are told that your claim has been transferred to a special investigation unit (or a department with a similar name).
  • You are asked to attend an “Examination Under Oath”.
  • Your claim is not resolved within 6 months of the loss.
  • You sense that the insurance adjuster is asking too many questions and/or asking for too many documents.
  • The insurance adjuster is suggesting or insuating.

Insurance companies advertise that they offer “Peace of Mind”. Unfortunately, in many cases they try to find every reason to deny a claim. There are few insurance lawyers that work for individuals, rather than insurance companies. Those that work in this field know that most insurance claims can be resolved through negotiations. Insurance companies have to abide by the same legal principles as anyone else. If you are faced with an insurance claim denial, don’t be afraid to pursue your legal rights. This is indeed a David and Goliath scenario, but always remember who won that battle!

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