Shaw Communications Buyout Packages – Your Severance Rights

by Samfiru Tumarkin

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 12:18 am

Shaw Communications Inc. has announced a massive downsizing program targeted at 6,500 employees, who have been asked to consider taking voluntary buyout packages.

The Calgary-based cable, internet and wireless company expects roughly 650 employees, or 10%, to accept the severance offer.

Shaw Communications

Details of the severance offers have not been publicly revealed.

In a release, Shaw Communications said that the buyout program will “give selected employees the opportunity to think critically about their future with the company, and make realistic decisions about their role in Shaw’s evolution.”

The release further explains that this move is part of a multi-year plan to “refocus Shaw’s operations toward providing service more easily through highly capable online and smartphone apps and more self-installed services.”

Shaw Communications president Jay Mehr indicated that they will need to make “some significant changes to serve customers the way they expect to be served in 2018 and beyond.”

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Shaw Communications: Severance Packages Via Email, Deadline

An internal company memo obtained by various media outlets states that eligible employees “will receive a generous severance package delivered via email” on Jan. 31 and will have until Feb. 14 to decide whether to accept it.

Departures of employees will take place over the ensuing 2 to 18 months, according to the memo.

The memo adds that “employees in customer care, retail and sales, plus their direct leaders will not be eligible for the program.”

“This program will be made available in the future to employees currently not eligible, should business needs arise.”

Shaw Communications Severance Packages: Key Facts

Shaw Communications employees who choose to accept the buyout packages should keep in mind these very important facts where their severance is concerned.

You Are Likely Owed More!

Around 90% of employees are wrongfully dismissed when they are terminated from their job. In other words, 90% of people who are let go are not offered the severance that they are rightfully owed. Instead, their are offered terrible severance packages.

Often times, employers count on the fact that their employees may not know what their full severance entitlements are. Employees are offered inadequate severance, with a (meaningless) deadline that exists only to pressure the employee into signing away their opportunity to have the offer reviewed. Common law severance pay is based on several factors, including age, years of service, and position. Based on those and other factors, severance entitlements can amount to as much as 24 months’ pay.

You Can’t Change Your Mind After Signing

Once you accept a severance package from Shaw Communications, and sign off on a document indicating that you have agreed to the notice and/or severance pay provided, you cannot change your mind.

Keep in mind that you will also forfeit your right to seek legal assistance with your severance package from an experienced lawyer at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP.

BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING, use the Severance Pay Calculator to determine what you are owed.

Severance Package and Employment Insurance (EI)

If you accept a voluntary severance package, you may not qualify for EI

Severance and Federally Regulated Employees

Federally regulated employees have the same rights as provincially regulated employees when it comes to their full severance entitlements, despite what others may tell you.

You also do not need to work a minimum number of years to qualify for a severance package. There is no magic number.

Contact a legal expert at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP today to discuss your severance options with Shaw Communications, and get what you’re owed.

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