2012 Employers Conference

Absent for Medical Reasons: A Practical Guide to Managing Illness- and Disability-Related Absences

If you think this is a topic for which there are more questions than answers, think again. In this session, our focus will be squarely on providing usable answers and practical advice which you can put into action the next time you receive an unhelpful doctor’s note indicating that an employee will be “absent for [unspecified] medical reasons.”

This session will provide the essential information you need to confront and deal with the difficult challenge of medical-related absenteeism.

Employee Privacy Rights: Significant New Developments in the Law and the Consequences for all Ontario Employers.

A recent Court of Appeal decision has opened the door for private sector employees to sue for breach of privacy – and to direct and vicarious liability for employers. This is the latest development in an area of the law that many managers overlook, wrongly believing that privacy issues have limited relevance to their workplace. These developments hold significant, wide-ranging consequences for both unionized and non-union workplaces.

In this session, find out how the law is evolving, what the risks are and what steps you can take to avoid liability.

ESA Compliance Challenge: How Wide is the Gap between the Employment Standards Act and Your Organization’s Practices?

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has been doing a lot of bragging lately: More Officers, more inspections, more prosecutions. New leave provisions to take effect this summer. And what about those lawsuits for overtime pay? We shine a bright light on Ontario’s employment standards legislation, especially the hidden recesses in which most employers become trapped.

This session is your opportunity to find out whether your organization is vulnerable. (Spoiler Alert: Your organization is not in compliance.)


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