2011 Employers Conference

Ultimate Guide to Managing Difficult Terminations

Employee terminations are never easy. Our goal is to prepare you to confront even the most difficult termination challenges.

Human Rights Compliance: New System, New Challenges

How are employers faring under the new human rights system in Ontario? What you need to know about recent developments and updates on perennial concerns, such as harassment, the duty to accommodate and drug and alcohol testing.

Employment Law Round-Up 2011

Capsule reviews of essential issues managers are sure to be grappling with in 2011.

  • Employment Standards – A survey of recent amendments, new developments and old favourites, including emergency leave, vacation entitlements after unpaid leaves of absence and hours of work issues.

  • Constructive dismissal – The latest developments shaping employee and employer obligations.

  • Workplace bullying – What it is and what to do about it.


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Lior Samfiru


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Chuck Tahirali

Sr. HR Consultant

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