5 Things You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

by Samfiru Tumarkin

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 at 6:43 pm

Almost everyone gets travel insurance when they travel out of the country. It’s common sense. We all want “Peace of Mind” when we purchase insurance. But how many of us end up having to call our travel insurance company when something goes wrong? Not many. For those that do, they often encounter unhelpful adjusters and a complicated and prolonged claims process. The reality is that as soon as you make a claim, the insurance company will look at your initial health questionnaire that you had filled out (probably through your travel agency or on your own), and then ask to see your family doctor’s records before agreeing to pay for any services you may need. They do this in order to compare how you answered the questions on that questionnaire, and the information contained in your medical records. We often see claims being denied on the basis of “misrepresentation”. If that happens, you should consult an insurance lawyer immediately.

When purchasing travel insurance, always remember to do the following:


  • Make sure to read the heath questionnaire carefully and answer each question as truthfully and as accurately as possible.
  • Make sure you read and are familiar with the claims process before you leave the country.
  • If you purchase your travel insurance through a tavel agency, make sure that the travel agency is insured and that your travel agent goes over the policy with you (before you leave on your trip), especially if you have any serious or noteworthy medical conditions.
  • If you suffer an emergency and require your travel insurance company’s help, make sure to communicate with your insurer as soon as possible and make sure to follow up or confirm your conversations in writing (email, fax, etc.)
  • Always, always, always consult an insurance lawyer as soon as you begin experiencing any difficulties with your travel insurance company.

Travelling should be fun. Travel insurance is there to protect us and provide us with “Peace of Mind”. As with all insurance policies, reading the fine print is very important. Always read before you sign. Always answer questions provided by an insurance company as truthfully and as accurately as possible. If you make a claim and are denied, contact an insurance lawyer immediately. Don’t wait. Many of these claims can be resolved easily with the insurer, but usually that often requires the help of an experienced and knowledgeable insurance lawyer.

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